Industrial Base - A3 - Epson SC-P600/SC-P400/L1800/1430/1500W

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The Base is Designed for Epson SC-P600/SC-P400/1430/1500w/L1800 Adaptive.  Support from 100v to 240v.

This product is not a simple bed unit or transport system, it including everything except the printer.
User just need to buy a new printer and modify according to our step by step videos guide and document.
Then mount the printer on our base unit and connect the simple cables.
Our bed unit will automatically hack the signal from the printer and make it work.

The industrial strength step motor control system manages the movements on the Y and Z axes facilitating absolute precision and perfect registration required for the quality hi-definition digital imaging.

The key control board intelligently deals with the signals from the Epson printer.
  • High quality aluminum and a solid metal base, built withstand years of printing.
  • Special Design Rubber lock t-shirt A3 platen(300mm*400mm).
  • Precision Linear Guide Rails.
  • Precision Screw Drive.
  • Support white ink. Support black t-shirt printing and white ink usage.
  • Screw drive height adjustment. All electric. 100mm/4inch table lifting space adjustment.
  • Intelligent AC 110 volt or AC 230 volt worldwide adaptive.
  • Easy Swap printer conversion function.
  • Free FTP account to access all our online resource, such as detail video guide, instruction, RIP software.
The innovative base unit's quick swap printer conversion function makes it easy for repair, with only 2 simple plug in wires required for conversion.  No need for trouble shooting, no complicated part replacement or costly shipping for repair...just order a new printer platform and install in a matter of minutes!

Wooden inside strengthen package. Use FedEx or DHL delivery Worldwide.
The Delivery cost is $260 to most of the country in Europe, America and Asia. Door to door service.

Payment way: Bank Transfer or Western Union. 

Skype: david_ufoprinter

Rubber Lock Aluminum Platen

Powerful Step Motor and Screw Drive

Touch Panel

Linear Guide 

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