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The really innovative magic KIT for construct a flatbed machine and t-shirt printer.
Our control system will detect the signals from the epson printer and move the flatbed/tray inside or outside.

This product not only including the magic box, but also incudes the following resource.
(1) Stepper Motor
(2) Belt and Pulley
(3) Power Supply
(4) Photo Sensors
(5) Printer Connection Board and Cables
(6) Modification accessories and fittings
(7) FTP online resource to share our instruction/guide/videos.

We also provide you our ftp account, you can download all our resource for your reference. Step by step modification videos, document.

Each kit can support one of the model of Epson 1430/1500W/L1800/SC-P400/SC-P600.

Note:  It need $90 DHL fee delivery to all over the world.

Note: Returns and Refunds for this electronic devices are not accepted.

Payment way: Bank Transfer or Western Union.

Please go to Youtube's UFOPrinter Channel
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